Title: 『Շɦع ҀЯФЅЅФVعЯ』+。

(Full video available on OpenSea, link below)


Bio: OSEANWORLD is a visual project created by 24 yo illustrator and animator Osean from Atlanta. He has been involved in projects with Offset, Lauv, Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi Vert, Two Chainz, and MadeinTYO. During the pandemic, Osean started creating OSEANWORLD — a digital concept composed of videos, digital quests, and even digital parties.

Osean’s goal is to create a space that gives the viewers a sense of exploration, adventure, and mindfulness. Heavily influenced by anime and pop culture, Osean creates bright and often times trippy worlds. Using Cinema 4D, After Effects…

Shi Zheng

The Jenny Metaverse DAO unanimously voted on Aug 5, 2021 in favor of spending 7.5 ETH to acquire 24 unique pieces from Shi Zheng.

Shi Zheng is a young artist from China who lives between Shanghai and New York.

He creates massive audio-visual installations, digital artworks, music and live performances.

His background was in digital art, so his transition into NFT art was a natural one. His first work was a massive NFT installation that expressed a critique of control systems and authoritarianism.

The NFT installation is called SANDBOX and was acquired by the Jenny Metaverse DAO. It consists of…

Cloud Coverage

On 11 July 2021, the Jenny Metaverse DAO voted in favour of commissioning Slimesunday to create an art piece. The community voted 85.27% in favour and 14.73% against this resolution. Vote details are available here.

Slimesunday refers to himself as a digital collage artist. He explores censorship and his work is regularly banned from social media. And now, thanks to blockchain and NFTs, he can explore censorship resistance. He has featured in Playboy, Penthouse, Plastik and Glamour Magazine. He is also the artistic director for 3LAU, a DJ that the Jenny Metaverse DAO is a big fan of…

On June 26th 2021 the Jenny Metaverse DAO unanimously voted in favor of commissioning an NFT created by Fvckrender. See vote results here.

FVCKRENDER’s work has sold at Sotheby’s for over $100k. He has also been featured on Nifty Gateway and Foundation. He has been working as a digital artist for a dozen years and throughout that time has built a large Twitter and Instagram following.

We asked him to create something which symbolizes the Jenny Metaverse DAO. Those were very broad guidelines and we gave him full artistic freedom to express his vision. …

May 11th, 2021 — Jenny, the first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly, has announced the completion of a $7 million pool led by prominent VCs Multicoin Capital, Ascensive Assets, Animoca Brands and Metapurse (by Metakovan). Funds will support Jenny DAO’s NFT collection on Unicly, the SushiSwap-based AMM for trading shared ownership in NFT collections.

The Jenny DAO’s NFT collection (uJENNY token) is set to officially launch on Unicly at approximately 10am EST on May 13.

A host of major names from the blockchain investment world participated in Jenny’s $7m pool including, 0xb1, IOSG Ventures, Moonrock Capital, Morningstar Ventures…

Jenny is the first Metaverse DAO to be built on Unicly. It will build one of the most amazing 1-of-1, collectively owned NFT collections in the world.

Jenny DAO members consists of some amazing NFT collectors, artists, creators, projects, funds, influencers, and talented individuals across the globe. The DAO will pool funds into the DAO’s treasury, which will be used to acquire NFTs for the uJENNY NFT collection. The initial roster for the DAO, along with its first NFT, will be announced in the coming days.

The DAO is planning to launch uJENNY on Unicly on approximately 2pm GMT on…

Jenny Metaverse DAO

The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly

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