Full Analysis of Jenny DAO portfolio

  • 108 pieces from 13 different artists or projects:
  • Hovering at the Convergence of Entrances and Exits by Shi Zheng (24)
  • Meebit (21)
  • Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro (17)
  • Rocket Factory by Tom Sachs (15)
  • CyberKong VX (12)
  • CyberKong (7)
  • Bored Ape (4)
  • Wrapped CryptoPunk W#843 and W#9717 (2)
  • Fortune Magazine cover — Aspiring Chad
  • Glass #175/196 — by SSX3LAU
  • Smoking Hot by Yat
  • Fidenza #703 by Tyler Hobbs
  • Meridian #989 by mattdesl
  • Շɦﻉ ҀЯФЅЅФVﻉЯ』+。by Oseanworld
  • 6 unique pieces specially commissioned for Jenny DAO:
  • Jenny in the Sky with Dreams, Man by Sarah Zucker / @thesarahshow
  • Jenny Song by Steve Aoki and 3LAU
  • xOr Jenny
  • INVERTED_FVCK// by Fvckrender
  • Cloud Coverage by slimesunday
  • Noun66 by Noun
  • Multi-edition pieces (identical pieces minted as a series)
  • Collection pieces (unique pieces part of a larger collection)
  • Unique pieces (both commercial and commissioned)
  • Weighted average of past 1/1 sales (thesarahshow, Fvckrender, Oseanworld, slimesunday)
  • Comparison of past 1/1 + multi-edition sales with October 2021 sales (x0r)
  • Recent individual sales, historical significance, artists’ prestige and quality of collaboration (Steve Aoki, 3LAU)
  • + 376% average for the 4 Bored Ape pieces
  • + 312% average for the 12 CyberKong pieces
  • + 181% for xOr Jenny
  • + 163.4% average for the 17 Chromie Squiggle pieces
  • + 136.2% average for both Wrapped CryptoPunks (W#843 & W#9717)
  • -46.5% Fortune Magazine cover — Aspiring Chad
  • -39.1% INVERTED_FVCK// by Fvckrender
  • -24.3% Meridian #989 by mattdesl
  • Some pieces from the same collection showed great performance diversity. This is visible within the Rocket Factory project, with the Brian Nose Cone’s value rising by 33% only, vs. 210% for the Trojan Nose Cone.
  • Both CyberKongz pieces’ value increased significantly, although with a much stronger performance for CyberKongz pieces over CyberKongVX.
  • A large majority of the gains come from 2 projects (Bore Apes and Crypto Punks) and only 6 pieces.
  • A large majority of pieces of Jenny DAO’s portfolio gained value since their purchase.
  • Only 1 piece (Fortune Magazine cover — Aspiring Chad) lost almost half of its value, but since the initial investment for it was relatively low, the impact on the overall portfolio’s value is very limited.
  • The great performance of 2 iconic projects (Bore Apes and Crypto Punks), whose value is relatively high compared to other pieces, has a very positive impact on the total portfolio performance growth.
  • Total performance growth as of Nov. 5, 2021:
  • +74.8% (including ETH growth over that same period)
  • +41.4% (excluding ETH growth over that same period)




The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly

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Jenny Metaverse DAO

Jenny Metaverse DAO

The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly

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