On June 26th 2021 the Jenny Metaverse DAO unanimously voted in favor of commissioning an NFT created by Fvckrender. See vote results here.

FVCKRENDER’s work has sold at Sotheby’s for over $100k. He has also been featured on Nifty Gateway and Foundation. He has been working as a digital artist for a dozen years and throughout that time has built a large Twitter and Instagram following.

We asked him to create something which symbolizes the Jenny Metaverse DAO. Those were very broad guidelines and we gave him full artistic freedom to express his vision. And the end result went way beyond our expectations.

The Inverted Jenny is an American stamp representing an airplane that was accidentally printed upside down. The inversion is a metaphor that can shoot into all sorts of directions. Crypto is a grassroots movement that is placing the individual before the state and inverting the top-down economic policies of the past. NFTs are turning the art world upside down. The concept of a DAO is facilitated by a token but has the potential to create new social structures in ways that go way beyond the purely technical definition of blockchain technology. DAOs will overturn traditional forms of authority for humans to interact and cooperate.

The Inverted Jenny stamp

FVCKRENDER took the inverted print metaphor literally and created an upside-down female portrait and appropriately named her Jenny. The artist often talks about self-healing but he rarely talks about the specific meaning of his creations because he wishes not to constrain the pieces to some narrow definition. However the way we look at it, this portrayal of Jenny perfectly embodies our vision of the DAO! To us it symbolizes a bottom-up upheaval and the healing of a flawed social system.

By creating artwork commissioned by the Jenny Metaverse DAO, FVCKRENDER has fulfilled two milestones. Firstly he has shared his artwork with not just a single NFT owner, but with an entire community of Jenny Token holders. Secondly, he has directly contributed to the DAO by sharing a very personalized piece exclusively for the Jenny Metaverse DAO rather than just any item from his repertoir. By doing so, FVCKRENDER has become a member of our movement and we welcome him with open arms.


Video: https://storage.opensea.io/files/801c9b6f073dfc5e65b70fef5c56fc68.mp4

Other NFTs from Jenny’s Vault:

This is the fifth item that the DAO has added to its vault and fractionalized on Unicly.

Our first acquisition was the Jenny song created by world renowned DJs Steve Aoki and 3LAU with visuals designed by Peiter Hergert. In Aoki’s own words, “this is our song, it belongs to the Jenny DAO”. Check it out on Youtube or on Opensea.

Video: https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmNtzEgqBhGkvSLmG1E8cDQuMaHbZ18vnN9YfNMXnRpxCd

Then 3LAU offered an extra freeby, a special gift to the Jenny Community. It was the Glass NFT which he designed in collaboration with SlimeSunday. Thanks 3LAU!!! Opensea link here.

Then there was x0rJenny, which is an ASCII version of Converter.sol contract source code from the Unicly Protocol, which powers the Jenny token. And the source code is animated and shaped in the form of an inverted airplane. How cool is that!!! Link here.

We got a very rare 2-digit yat. The community debated at length over the best combination of emojis and it settled on smoking hot (🚬🔥). Why? Because Jenny is in, she is cool, she is hip, and she is smoking hot!

And then there our favorite Cryptopunk W#843. Every proper NFT collection needs a Cryptopunk! This one is very meaningful to the Jenny DAO. She is female and she wears an aviator helmet. Oh, and she also smokes because don’t forget taht Jenny is 🚬🔥. Click here to view.

The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly