Jenny DAO celebrates its one-year anniversary!

Jenny Metaverse DAO
3 min readMay 24, 2022


The public collector’s NFT celebrates its first birthday, marking itself as the longest standing NFT collection.


Jenny is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for real in comparison with flamingo or red dao. Jenny was conceived last May 2021 with the idea of, how can we make NFTs accessible for everyone and not just for the top 1%? How can we use the collective knowledge of the crypto world and its enthusiastic users to move forward together?

Together, so much more can be achieved. This outlook laid the foundation of the DAO’s primary principles.

Why the name Jenny?

Jenny’s name is from the ‘Inverted Jenny’, a 24 cent United States postage stamp first issued on May 10, 1918. The stamp represents the Curtiss JN-4 airplane which has been printed upside-down, and it is likely the most famous error in American philately. Only 100 units of this inverted stamp have been found, making this stamp one the most valuable. Read More


The past year, Jenny has witnessed huge success both commercially and in building a solid community of enthusiastic crypto users. We’ve purchased nearly 200 NFTs with an estimated value of over 7 million USD. We started strong with a musical collaboration between 3LAU and Steve Aoki and a big party during BTC Miami.

We started with a community on Telegram that quickly grew into a club of thousands of active people that transitioned to Discord for better exchanging experiences and developing joint proposals. From the ground up, members’ initiatives arose that led to several internal collaborations. For example, a curation council has twice drawn up a purchasing strategy, several whitelists have been created by members and there has been an Airdrop of a Jenny car in which members could play in a Revv racing game. What is the state of affairs after one year?

  • We have a global top 5 photography collection
  • We have a global top 5 fashion / luxury collection
  • We are among the small minority of collectors with multiple punks, apes and art block squiggles
  • We have established over 10 collaborations. From Rove who helped us with our digital gallery, an island of Nifty, to working with Assembly for top photo work.
  • We have become part of the Index Coop with our collection.
  • We have organized more than 15 raffles for our members, with photo prints, Adidas clothing… in many ETH of value.

Where is Jenny heading in year 2?

Jenny has extreme growth potential due to the large vault that gives us more than enough spending power for the second year. And the biggest secret? Our token price. It is currently disproportionate to our vault and the value of the collected NFTs.

Currently this is kept secretive and internal — let us grow and become one of the best-collecting DAOs in the world. Jenny aims to do this organically and authentically without influencers.

Do you want to become a member or help? Join us! Keep an eye on our twitter channel as we’re going to celebrate our birthday this week!

In brief:

  • 1 year anniversary
  • Super example of web3 in action
  • More than 750 members who can actively participate in determining what we buy or sell for less than 1 dollar. Everyone!
  • About 200 NFTs
  • 1 of the few collector collectives with both multiple apes, punks and large collection of meebits and squiggles.
  • Top 5 worldwide photography collection and fashion/luxury
  • Unique collaborations with 3LAU, Steve Aoki, Fvckrender, x0r, Sarah Zucker, Oseanworld, Slimesunday



Jenny Metaverse DAO

The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly