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4 min readDec 6, 2021


The Jenny DAO Curation Council has set a roadmap for NFT acquisitions over the next quarter. For the sake of transparency, we are sharing these guidelines with our community. We encourage all of our stakeholders, including Jenny Token owners, artists and NFT collectors, to participate in our quest for the best NFTs in the world that fit our vision.

Our mission is to be the most decentralized DAO, offering true on-chain governance and ownership rights while simultaneously curating the highest quality non-fungible token collections in the world. The following roadmap aims to guide the community in choosing the best NFTs that will contribute to long term value for the DAO while making most effective use of our budget.

1: Budget for emerging themes

We will be submitting proposals for allocating budgets along the following NFT segments. Our first budget proposal submitted by the Councils is currently live on Snapshot and involves allocating a 75 ETH discretionary budget for buying emerging photography NFTs. Budget guidelines should be allocated following the

A: Generative art outside of art blocks. For example in 1/1 editions on Superrare or Foundation

B: Photography

C: Fashion / luxury. Brands such as dolce gabbana, fabricant studio, rtfkt shoes are increasingly focusing on nft’s.

D: Other

Over the next 3 months we intend to allocate budgets along all four segment lines.

2: Mint an NFT from new Art Blocks Curated projects

The past year has shown that practically every edition from Art Blocks Curated exceeded its initial price. The quality of the works is usually very high. Sales are usually conducted through Dutch auctions.

We plan to allocate 5–10 ETH for each new sale over the next 3 months.

3: Custom works for Jenny

So far there have been collaborations with OSEANWORLD, Sarah Zucker, Slimesunday and FVCKRENDER. When artists contribute custom made pieces to the Jenny DAO, they are doing more than sharing their collection. They become interwoven with the fabric of our DAO’s culture.

We plan to acquire one collaborative piece within the coming three months.

4: Gaming nft’s

The market for gaming NFTs is heating up. Large fundraises by guilds over the past few weeks gives us confidence that massive amounts of capital will be allocated to this class of NFTs in the near future. We are also seeing hundreds of thousands of daily active users already using them in games and this might just be the beginning of a mega trend. Our focus will be on unique and rare gaming NFTs.

We intend to scout and research two gaming opportunities in the next 3 months

5: Collect one item from all the blue chip nft’s

First list of suggestions:

A: punks (in possession)

B: apes (in possession)

C: Fidenza (possession)

D: Squiggles (in possesion)

E: Noun (in possesion)

F: Artists like Xcopy, Fewocious, Beeple, Seerlight, Dmitri Cherniak, Nick Kuder, Mad dog jones, Justin Aversano, Hackatao and..

G: early nft work like autoglyphs, rare pepe cards, mooncats…

Proposal: buy an NFT of each of the subjects mentioned in the future seasons

6: New opportunities

Every month something new emerges that is not yet known. From Botta to new meme opportunities.

We need to keep a reserve to take advantage of these new emerging opportunities.

7: Relationships with creators (related to number 2)

The Jenny DAO can be a conduit for artists to build their narratives and we should help them to promote their work. Our relationship with NFTs going beyond just investments. Artists and NFT creators are our valued partners and we should make them feel as such. Reciprocal access may also confer additional utility to the Jenny Token and confer privileged access to new drops, as was the case when Jenny Token holders became eligible for a chance to receive Revv Racing NFTs.

We have held regular AMAs with famous artists such as Mad Dog Jones, Michael Blau, Tom Sachs, Agoria and LaDecouverte. We will be featuring many new artists through our community channels in the months to come.


If we wish to display and arrange our work and demonstrate the time and deliberation we took before curating it, we should also avoid things that don’t resonate with us visually no matter how attractive they may be purely as yield or growth assets. Betting on resale value is notoriously difficult to predict and developing aesthetic standards means that at the very least, we can demonstrate the quality of our collection through visual appeal.

We suggest creating a few core aesthetic standards that will act as guiding principles for our collection.


We plan to exclude new large edition PFP projects. Such projects may have their merits, but low edition artistic pieces may take better advantage of our DAOs’ strengths in using the wisdom of the crowds to spot the best hidden gems.


We have a budget of 218 eth for the next 3 months. In the first season we focus on emerging themes and keep a small part of the budget for blue chips. We start with a focussed budget of 75 eth for photography.

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