Jenny Metaverse DAO acquires 1 of 1 by OSEANWORLD

Title: 『Շɦع ҀЯФЅЅФVعЯ』+。

Jenny Metaverse DAO
2 min readSep 1, 2021

Description: WORLD .02 — CROSSOVER REALM [the world between worlds] Featuring- bloobloobs, DRAGON and yamos.

(Full video available on OpenSea, link below)

Bio: OSEANWORLD is a visual project created by 24 yo illustrator and animator Osean from Atlanta. He has been involved in projects with Offset, Lauv, Trippie Redd, Lil Uzi Vert, Two Chainz, and MadeinTYO. During the pandemic, Osean started creating OSEANWORLD — a digital concept composed of videos, digital quests, and even digital parties.

Osean’s goal is to create a space that gives the viewers a sense of exploration, adventure, and mindfulness. Heavily influenced by anime and pop culture, Osean creates bright and often times trippy worlds. Using Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Premier, his content captures intense visuals that move between realities (digital and the real world). At times, we’re guided through OSEANWORLD by Osean himself, while other times we follow lead character Yameii and her friends.

Process Overview: When Osean creates a new piece, he is making so much more than an artwork, he is making a world. Each world varies in color, characters, and themes, all of which are carefully designed to embody and signify a distinct reality. When deciding how to create this particular world, Osean wanted to channel themes central to Jenny DAO.

He describes the work: “I walk into view, in a blank white space. I activate the world creator and select which type of world I want to make. As the world creator activates, energy flies past me and I use it’s power to manifest animals, plants, mountains, trees, people, and monsters. Dragon flies past me. When the world is revealed, the sky is the ground and the ground is the sky — the world is upside down. I am standing on the sky and the world is above my head.” Osean is known for using his art to push the boundaries of perception and reality. Jenny DAO was inspired by the misprint of a stamp, the inverted Jenny. For Osean, this inversion was more than just a misprint, it inspired him to think of an entirely inverted world.