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Cloud Coverage from Slimesunday

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4 min readJul 15, 2021


Cloud Coverage

On 11 July 2021, the Jenny Metaverse DAO voted in favour of commissioning Slimesunday to create an art piece. The community voted 85.27% in favour and 14.73% against this resolution. Vote details are available here.

Slimesunday refers to himself as a digital collage artist. He explores censorship and his work is regularly banned from social media. And now, thanks to blockchain and NFTs, he can explore censorship resistance. He has featured in Playboy, Penthouse, Plastik and Glamour Magazine. He is also the artistic director for 3LAU, a DJ that the Jenny Metaverse DAO is a big fan of since he created the Jenny Song for our community. Just in time for the summer heat!

Slimesunday said “I am excited to present my latest work “Cloud Coverage” created for Jenny DAO. They gave me total creative freedom so I incorporated one of my favorite types of images, aerial shots, into a surrealist collage. The work combines images from a recent photoshoot I curated and directed with several hidden Jenny metaverse DAO easter eggs.

We set out a bounty for the first person who could spot 4 hidden Jenny related easter eggs. When we set the target at four items, we had completely underestimated Slimesunday! There were in fact way more than 4 hidden references to the DAO.

In our telegram channel, chris_tyan1 pointed out that:

  • There is an airplane, like the Jenny stamp
  • The character depicted is a woman and that Jenny is a female name
  • She has a tattoo of a rose, like the Celestial Rose that the DAO acquired from Yat.

A rose!

Hennesyxue noted that:

  • The match box has a picture of the inverted plane
  • Matches remind us of our “Smoking Hot” Yat
  • The book is titled “why the misprint sells for more”, a nice play on words and a reference to the misprint on the Inverted Jenny stamp.

“Why the Misprint Sells for More”

and an upside down biplane on the matchbox.

Ruthless_valentine added that there is a bowl of ice printed on the newspaper next to the woman. And since Jenny has a Smoking Hot Yat, the ice cubes could definitely come in handy.

Always carry around a fan and a bowl of ice cubes when you are smoking hot!

We spotted a couple of other hidden imagery that nobody else seemed to have noticed during the bounty. There is the word “Jenny” printed on the wings of the airplane.

Safe flight Jenny!

And the author of the book is “JENNYDAO”.

Jenny DAO writes books too? Oh oh, better get to work!

On Twitter, ProofOfBeans mentioned that the red/blue color scheme was also very close to those used in the original Inverted Jenny stamp.

There must be many more references that we have missed. Can you find any? You can view the piece on OpenSea here. Reach out to us on telegram or on Twitter if you spot any!

We thank Slimesunday for making this amazing contribution to our community. And we thank the community members who contributed and voted for the addition of this NFT into our vault.



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