Jenny Metaverse DAO: Recent Purchases Spotlight

Shi Zheng

The Jenny Metaverse DAO unanimously voted on Aug 5, 2021 in favor of spending 7.5 ETH to acquire 24 unique pieces from Shi Zheng.

Shi Zheng is a young artist from China who lives between Shanghai and New York.

He creates massive audio-visual installations, digital artworks, music and live performances.

His background was in digital art, so his transition into NFT art was a natural one. His first work was a massive NFT installation that expressed a critique of control systems and authoritarianism.

The NFT installation is called SANDBOX and was acquired by the Jenny Metaverse DAO. It consists of 24 NFTs and is presented like an imposing Wall of screens that resembles a huge control room. This suggests an invisible presence of a CCTV-like ‘big brother’ that observes and records everything that moves. Each one of his NFTs is a dystopian scene of inhuman order, where the only form of life are inanimate cars driving around. This work is currently exhibited in Shanghai and you can see some installation shots here. This exhibit was an edition of 7 and the Jenny Metaverse DAO acquired the whole set of 24 NFTs.

This acquisition by our DAO was a good opportunity to collect a reputable Chinese artist. It is an amazing time for a new generation of artists and collectors from China to join the NFT movement.

Shi Zheng has exhibited his work in TANK Shanghai, MOCA Yinchuan, Sound Art China, FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Ars Electronica, Institute of Contemporary Arts London, Castello di Rivara, The Lumen Prize, Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum and OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Shenzhen.

Tom Sachs Rocket Factory

On August 3, 2021 the Jenny Metaverse DAO unanimously approved the acquisition of twelve components to form four of Tom Sachs rockets for 40 ETH. We got matching sets for the Brian, Trojan, Campbell’s and Sweet’N Low rockets. Perfect Rockets are those made up from matching components, and we have matching sets for the four brands.The Rocket Factory may then be requested to build a physical version, launch it and return the physical item back to the owner of the NFT for 0.1 ETH.

There are only enough mintable components to make a total of 1,000 rockets. A maximum of 54 Sweet’N Low, 71 Campbell’s, 71 Brian and 82 Trojan branded Perfect Rockets can ever be assembled. The Jenny DAO may assemble one of each.

The owners of assembled rockets are also given the right to participate in the “Rocket League”. There will be factory uniforms, invitation to launches and access rights to their future secret headquarter. Should the Jenny DAO assemble these NFTs and launch them, or should we leave it up to future bidders to freely assemble and claim their rockets when the Jenny vault eventually unlocks? This sounds like a governance decision that the Jenny Token holders need to decide on through a community vote!


We bought our two-emoji Yat a while back. But we were waiting for gas fees to come down before minting the NFT. For those who have been waiting for the real thing… HERE IT IS! SMOKING HOT

Why do we like Yats so much? NFTs have a power that fungible tokens lack. They can embody subjective reality. Communication between humans is not binary, it is multidimensional and encompasses both objective and subjective realities. Communities are built around perceptions of these subjective realities. And it is a thing of beauty to condense the voice of a community into two emojis. Only 0.43% of Yats have two emojis, so ours is an extremely rare one.

Squiggles and Meebits…

The DAO also swept the floor, buying 17 Chromie Squiggles and 21 Meebits. These are blue chips in the NFT space and every respectable collection should have at least some exposure. We wrote a thread about this on our twitter thread here.

What’s next?

Make your voice heard. Join our Telegram channel, or request to join our by-invitation Discord channel. Debate with peers from our community on how to spend funds and come up with proposals. We look forward to hearing from you!




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Jenny Metaverse DAO

Jenny Metaverse DAO

The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly

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