Jenny Photo Strategy

Since the end of last year, the Jenny Dao has been focusing on emerging nft markets such as fashion/luxury and photography. But how do we decide whether or not to buy the work of a particular photographer? We have been going through this curation process for a couple of months now and we would like to share it with you. This is a living document that is always evolving as the market is still very young and developing.

1. Community-driven success stories (Justin Aversano, Drift, Reuben Wu,Cath Simard,etc.) Projects that have been successful financially and in terms of the energy from their community. These are mostly emerging artists who are finding their success within the NFT space and didn’t have a prior fine art ‘career’. These could be purchased “late” as grails, or have a team focusing on finding these “early” before they grow.

2. Artists entering or active in the space who have demonstrated art world value for their work (prominent exhibitions, books, awards, etc.) — these may be emerging, mid-career, or established. For example, Alejandro Cartagena, Penelope Umbrico, Daniel Gordon, Roe Ethridge, etc.

3. Icons of photography. Important artists to the history of photography as they enter. For example, Alec Soth, Bruce Gilden, Roger Ballen, and so on. These artists are very established household names, referenced in the canon of photography, whether living or historical.

4. Miscellaneous Additions — This are images we decide to add to the portfolio for their aesthetic or narrative appeal. These photos carry visual qualities that are compelling, innovative, and / or tell inspiring stories that we feel compliment a thoughtful collection.

Artists like Valentino Bellini, Tatian Gulenkina or Brooke Didonato. Examples could be experimental fine art, cause related art (fundraisers), and pseudonymous releases.



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