Monthly Jenny DAO Community Updates

  • 🔭Discover how David Dayag captures amazing images of galaxies, stars, suns, nebulae, planets, and constellations thousands and millions of light-years away🌠
  • ⚓ Great work by @moonsoo68242359 who created the Jenny DAO Yacht on Nifty Island. 🏝 The Yacht is a space where the Jenny community can hang out and is suitable for various events. Check out his beautiful images here.
  • 👏 Congratulations to @tweetemkra who won the Jenny Metaverse DAO photography book raffle.
  • 📺 Listen to @DigitalCorey here, who explains what Jenny DAO is all about!
  • 👥 We hosted our first “Jenny Roundtable” with some of the best NFT Photographers in the space: Alejandro Cartagena, Shane Lavalette and Amy Woodward.
  • 📄 Jenny DAO is grateful to be included in The Hutch Report, a publication about — The Booming Business of NFTs: “Jenny DAO was one of the first projects to bring DAOs and NFTs into the same orbit. “
  • 🔎 Understand how photographer Claudia Pawlak explores the progress of the mother-daughter relationship from co-dependency to two self-sustaining women. 👩‍👧
  • 🙏 Thanks to Ujwal Puri, a high-resolution print of “First Flight” will be offered to the Jenny DAO community as the first collector of his NFT.
  • 🎙 Check out LucieUjenny’s explosive interview with the very talented photographer Kevin Cooley here💥
  • 🙌 We warmly welcome these great photographers in Jenny’s collection this month💫
  • 📋 Jenny DAO is now also on Notion! Check out our notice board/knowledge sharing where you can find all the information about Jenny DAO here .
  • 📣 Help us spread the word for Jenny DAO, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together.
  • 🌟 Follow us on our social media channels:
  • 📄 Twitter: @JennyMetaverse — reply and retweet!!!
  • 🗣 Discord: Jenny Metaverse DAO — suggest, chat and connect with other members of the Jenny DAO community
  • ℹ Telegram: @jennymetaverse and @jennyannouncements , keep yourself informed and updated about everything that is going on in our community
  • 📸 Instagram: @jenny_metaverse_dao join, share and like our pictures
  • 📋Notion: Check out our notice board here .
  • 💥 Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions on our various channels




The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly

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Jenny Metaverse DAO

Jenny Metaverse DAO

The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly

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Monthly Updates from the Jenny DAO Community

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