Monthly Updates from the Jenny DAO Community

  • 🙏 Through our partnership with Fellowship Trust we have discovered Jeffrey Milstein.
  • 🙏We are very grateful to the entire team at The Idols for our partnership.
  • 🤝 Jenny DAO has partnered with Obscura for the Pre-mint of:
  • 📢 For the launch of his new project ‘James and Other Apes’ (#JAPES), James Mollison and offered the Jenny DAO community 1 #JAPE🙏. See here
  • 📢 Jenny DAO ventured into fashion NFTs and our first purchase was: RTFKT — MNLTH 👟
  • 👥We organised a very interesting Roundtable discussion on “Collecting NFTs”.
  • 🏆 We held a couple of raffles this month, and the winners received a high-quality print of the work we acquired from Tommy Kwak, Simone Monte, Tatiana Gulenkina, and James Mollison.
  • 💎Jenny DAO turns into fashion NFT with the Crystalline Circuit Pendant Earrings by Jevels. 📺The 1st virtual jewelry ever worn on live TV by Megan Kaspar, see here
  • 🔎Jenny DAO is now focusing on different emerging markets.
  • 🙌 We warmly welcome these great photographers to the Jenny collection this month💫
  • 📣 Help us spread the word for Jenny DAO, so we can build a larger and more engaged community together.
  • 🌟 Follow us on our social media channels:
  • 📄 Twitter: @JennyMetaverse — reply and retweet!!!
  • 🗣 Discord: Jenny Metaverse DAO — suggest, chat and connect with other members of the Jenny DAO community
  • ℹ Telegram: @jennymetaverse and @jennyannouncements , keep yourself informed and updated about everything that is going on in our community
  • 📸 Instagram: @jenny_metaverse_dao join, share and like our pictures
  • 📋Notion: Check out our notice board here .
  • 💥 Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions on our various channels




The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly

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Jenny Metaverse DAO

Jenny Metaverse DAO

The first Metaverse DAO and social token on Unicly

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