The Jenny Metaverse DAO Sets Up a Constitution and Councils

On 30 October 2021, the Jenny Metaverse DAO voted to adopt a Constitution. This document sets out the rules of operation for the DAO. It also marks the creation of three new councils, namely the Governance, Financial and Curaction Councils.

The creation of both the constitution and the councils are important steps towards achieving our decentralization and community engagement objectives. As the DAO has gotten larger, it has become necessary to add structure to our decision making process. During the early days of the DAO, anybody could make a proposal. This eventually led to a chaotic situation where proposals were submitted irrespective of budget constraints and independently from our overall strategy. In addition, the format for proposals was not standardized. Our constitution will set the rules to create a sense of order and the councils will act as administrative bodies to enact the wishes of the community.

The Governance Council is responsible for overseeing governance, ensuring that votes are presented in a way that most effectively reflects the wishes of the community, proposing constitutional amendments, overseeing DAO processes and offering seasonal planning, strategic objectives and key results.

The Financial Council is responsible for financial planning, DAO treasury management, team and council member compensation, and other member incentives.

The Curation Council is in charge of coming up with new acquisition proposals as well as collating acquisition proposals from the DAO, gathering rough consensus and putting them to a Snapshot vote. Non-council members can come up with acquisition proposals, take part in discussions and voting but cannot create Snapshot proposals directly.

The community voted to approve the Genesis Council Members on 12 November 2021. The members are:

  • Financial: @b123 @mgoesdistance.eth
  • Artistic/curation: @b123 @SLEEZY
  • Governance: @mgoesdistance.eth @Corleon

Council members will be rewarded 200 Jenny Tokens per month, unless there is a change made by the governance council and approved through a vote by the broader community.

Our DAO is meant to be inclusive and we encourage anybody to join us and express their opinions in our Members-Only Discord channels. All you need is 1 Jenny Token to join!

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